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Cooler Bleeder Versions

Version 1.00
     - The OG!  Identified by a silver metal LED surrounds on the controller box.

Version 1.01
    -  Black plastic LED surrounds on the control box.   Relay and control board now one piece inside controller box
    -  Sold up to May 2022

Version 1.02
    -  Manifold valves upgraded to 100% stainless steel.   Vacuum pot no longer has handles. Vacuum pot taller / thinner profile to help with coolant rise
     - Sold June 2022 through November 2022

Version 2.0
    - Proprietary microprocessor controlled printed circuit board manufactured specifically for The 'Cooler Bleeder put into use with special vacuum ramp up profiles to help with coolant rise levels in pot
    - Unit firmware now updatable for future updates to The 'Cooler Bleeders bleeding algorithm
    - Pump shut off valve relocated to vacuum hose
    - Power switch relocated to controller box
    - Increased  CAC water pump amperage control, up to 30a, with monitoring wire temperature.  Contact us for details
     - Sold December 2022 and after

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