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  About The Inventor and Invention  

Jared, born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio is a University of Northwestern Ohio graduate with degree in High Performance Automotive Technology.  He started his automotive career working for a aftermarket performance speed and installation facility that focused on General Motors vehicles in 2005, and he has continued working in the automotive field ever since. 


As an owner of several performance cars over the years, he often has fabricated his own components and tooling when needed or necessary.   In 2018, he purchased his 4th Corvette, a C7 Z06.   He quickly became frustrated with the lack of support and effectiveness of all intercooler bleeders within the marketplace.  Jared set out to create an easier to use and more effective tool.  Two non-automated prototypes were made, and then finally The 'Cooler Bleeder was released in 2021.  All units are made by hand from his home garage.

Prototype #1
Prototype #2
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