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  How It Works  

Most manufacturer’s supplied bleeding ports and highly placed reservoirs are not sufficient to fully bleed cooling circuits of unwanted air, regardless of your skillset or ingenuity.  Even at the professional level, the prohibitively expensive pneumatic bleeding tools and factory scan tools used by technicians are time consuming and ineffective of a total and complete bleed.  In other words, you are unlikely to get a complete bleed at home, and in a professional environment the procedure will be labor intensive (Expensive $$) and, also likely, incomplete.   Considering the factory was not able to fully bleed the system during production on many vehicles, most owners and technicians don’t have the tools, patience, or knowledge to satisfactorily and completely bleed the system.


The ‘Cooler Bleeder is quick-acting, fully-automated, and easy-to-use bleeding system to rid intercoolers, heat exchangers and the entire charge air cooler (CAC) circuit of unwanted air pockets and dissolved air within the liquid coolant.   This is completed without need for scan tools, compressed air, lifting your vehicle to extreme unsafe angles or any further special tools outside of a HVAC vacuum pump.


The ‘Cooler Bleeder uses commonly available and inexpensive HVAC electric vacuum pumps, in conjunction with its computer-controlled circuitry to fully prime and completely bleed the charge air circuit.    HVAC pumps can pull near perfect vacuums, much more so than the pneumatic vacuum bleeders that are currently used by dealerships and coolant exchange machines.  This extreme vacuum causes existing trapped air pockets and dissolved air to greatly expand in volume, break free of traps and then allows them to move through the system when the coolant circulation pump is automatically commanded on by The ‘Cooler Bleeder.  The removed air is filtered through the vacuum chamber reservoir, where coolant is allowed back to flow back into the system replacing the displaced air.  The ‘Cooler Bleeder’s on-board circuitry takes care of modulating both the vacuum application intervals and coolant pump operation in carefully choreographed method to bleed the system more completely than any other system available.  No special tools, scan tools or skills required.

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