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V2.00 Now Shipping!

Updates include:

  • Proprietary microprocessor-controlled circuitry that helps with mitigate coolant rise in the pot when bleeding by gradually ramping up levels applied in the early stages of bleeding.
  • Future proofed with ability to update firmware levels if the bleeding algorithm is further improved upon in the future.
  • For ease of access, power switch relocated to controller box and pump shut-off valve relocated to vacuum hose.


The ‘Cooler Bleeder is patent pending, quick-acting, fully-automated, and easy-to-use bleeding system to rid intercoolers, heat exchangers and the entire charge air cooler (CAC) circuit of unwanted air pockets and dissolved air within the liquid coolant. This is completed without need for scan tools, compressed air, or unsafe lifting of the vehicle to extreme unsafe angles.


The ‘Cooler Bleeder uses commonly available and inexpensive HVAC electric vacuum pumps, in conjunction with its propriety on-board circuitry to fully prime and completely bleed air from the charge air / intercooler circuit. HVAC vacuum pumps can pull near perfect vacuums, much more so than the pneumatic vacuum bleeders that are currently used by dealerships and coolant exchange machines. This extreme vacuum causes trapped air pockets and dissolved air to greatly expand in volume, break free of traps and oddly shaped holding pockets, and then allows them to move through and out of the system when the vehicles coolant circulation pump is automatically commanded on by The ‘Cooler Bleeder.


The ‘Cooler Bleeder takes care of modulating both the vacuum application intervals and coolant pump operation in carefully choreographed method to creating a surging affect of coolant flow through the CAC, bleeding the system more completely than any other system available. No special skills required.


System Features:

  • Automotive grade wiring and proprietary circuitry capable of driving up to 20a CAC pumps. 30a if monitoring pump wire temperature. Contact us for details
  • Vacuum gauge with 1.5" inHg accuracy
  • Stainless steel bodied manifold and calibration valve with brass vacuum control solenoids
  • Controller box housing circuitry with updatable firmware if new bleeding algorithms are created
  • 6.8L (1.5 gallon) USA made stainless vacuum pot
  • 1/2" polycarbonate clear lid with reversible silicone seal
  • 50μm filter to prevent dirt and debris from entering into system
  • Stainless steel 1/4" SAE flare connection for vacuum pump hookup
  • 5' fused harness for battery connection with alligator clamps
  • 5' Pump control harness
  • 5' HVAC 4000psi hose for vacuum pump connection, 1/4" SAE flare
  • Status lights to show when vacuum is being applied and when the CAC pump is running
  • Rigid bodied, yet flexible see-through suction line. Will not collapse on itself during extreme vacuum
  • Designed, made, and assembled in the USA


Accessories Included:

  • 10a, 15a, and 20a fuses for running pumps of varying sizes
  • Two adapters for pump control wire - Allows control of CAC pump through most fuse and relay sizes
  • Velcro wrap for holding harness wires when not in use
  • Small pouch for holding extra fuses and wiring adapters


NOT Included:

  • HVAC vacuum pump is not included. Any standard electric HVAC pump, 3cfm+ capacity, with 1/4" SAE flare connection will suffice.
  • Series Adapters and Plugs are not included. Please see Connection Chart to determine which adapters and plugs you need. Fittings and adapters will also ship free if purchased with The 'Cooler Bleeder

The 'Cooler Bleeder

Out of Stock
    • You must purchase at least one series adapter for The 'Cooler Bleeder to function.  
    • Depending on your application, you may also need a plug
    • Please see vehicle connection chart to see what adapter and plug your specific application requires
    • An electric HVAC vacuum pump is also required, not included
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