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Style HC1. Used in conjunction with The 'Cooler Bleeder and the Series 2 Adapter.  This is used for bleeding Dodge/Mopar SRT Hellcat Challenger and Charger with a factory supercharger.  This threads onto the factory expansion low temperature tank.  See Connection Chart for exact fitments.


Will also work as Radiator bleeder for many late model Dodge/Jeep/Ram vehicles.


Note 1:   The Cooler Bleeder will NOT function the Hellcat CAC pumps on and off in automated fasion.   A scan tool capable of running the pumps must be utilized.   User intervention is required to turn pump "ON" with scan tool when blue light is lit, and "OFF" with scan tool when yellow light is lit.  Do not attach blue pump wire to vehicle.   Ensure blue pump wire is insulated and away from any metal surfaces while bleeding or fuse will blow.


Note 2:  Hand assembled in the USA, there may be cosmetic tooling marks on plug from assembly


Plug, Style HC1 (Dodge / Mopar SRT Hellcat)

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