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Leak tester for CAC / intercooler circuits.


Allows user to repurpose Cooler Bleeder fittings to pressure test system for leaks.  If you are getting a steady, non-stop stream of bubbles when using the Cooler Bleeder, you likely have a leaky CAC and can utilize this tester to help isolate the culprit.


Connects directly to Series 2 or Series 5 adapter (and plug if needed).  The 'Cooler Bleeder itself is not used during pressure testing.  Schrader valve accepts standard tire chuck or air pump to add pressure to the system, making leaks easier to spot by creating a drip of coolant from the leaking component. Includes 15psi gauge to monitor pressure loss over time. Requires source of compressed air to use (air compressor, bicycle air pump etc.)


DO NOT EXCEED 15psi of pressure or operate vehicle with pressure test tool installed.  Add air SLOWLY to system to prevent over pressurization.  It takes very little volume of air to bring system to pressure.  If no leaks immediately seen, suggest leaving under pressure overnight and rechecking next day.   Signs of leak would include pressure dropping on gauge and/or coolant spotting.

Leak Tester

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