Fitments available for: 
Cadillac ATS-V, CTS V-Sport, CTS-V, XTS-V
Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, Cobalt SS, Corvette Z06, Corvette ZR1
Ford Mustang GT500, SVT Lightning, SVT Mustang Cobra
Saturn Ion Red Line
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The 'Cooler Bleeder is the most effective and only fully automated intercooler and CAC bleeding tool available in the marketplace.   We get the air out.  

14 minute time lapse of removing air caught in CAC reservoir tank of C7 Corvette.  While it is a challenging car to bleed, its no match for The 'Cooler Bleeder
Customer Reviews & Results:
Dont take our word for it, our customers say it best...
"This worked great for me. Jared's system (The 'Cooler Bleeder) got virtually all air out and it took about 15 minutes. Very happy overall"  - Eric
"Well DIY's, Jared's (The 'Cooler) Bleeder is the real deal! You saw his post above and how bad my situation was. It was actually worse after the dealer got done with it and they stated it was all fine! I was highly impressed with the build quality of the unit. Plus so simple and easy to use. I can say Simplicity is in order. Something you can't find trying to work on your own cars today. No jacking up the car, no trying to find the right fittings and hoses/tubes, no working on this project for hours. Only about 25 minutes total from the time I opened the hood until the unit was unhooked and put away! I do not track my car or work for any dealership. But I purchased this unit knowing I will only use it occasionally. But I am very anal about doing proper maintenance on my own vehicles myself. (The only reason I took it to the dealer to begin with, was because I didn't have the proper tools ). Driving my car home, which is over 100 miles away. I checked the fluid when I got home and I had maybe a nickel/quarter size air pocket. I am glad to see fellow enthusiast like Jared come up with these types of projects. I owned Vipers before the Vette and the same type of individuals were doing things like this to help the whole community. If this is something that interest you, I would highly recommend you support our fellow Vette entrepreneur. I think you will be pleased with his bleeder system."   - Jeff
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"The tool worked as advertised and did a really good job of removing most all the air" 
- Ron
"After the bleeding session I took the car out and again last weekend for longer drive and it fixed my cavitation issue I had after the GM cooling upgrade on my 2016 model. Car runs great now.... Thank you very much for the outstanding customer service and quick turn around.  I hope you business really takes off as this is the kind of business experience we need more of."  - Rob
"You are the man! Can’t thank you enough brother. I wish you and your product success! Well deserved "  - Henry
"What a quality product. It worked like a charm. So rare to find quality these days. From packing to directions to components it was first rate.  Thanks"   - Mark
"Finally got to testing out The cooler bleeder this afternoon.  Worked awesome Jared, awesome product you designed! Thanks a lot for your help! I will be posting up a thread."  - Eddie
"Here's my video review of the Cooler Bleeder. IT WORKS GREAT. I have posted lots of threads about Dewitt Radiators, the Dewitt Fan and thermostats on the C7 Z06 with track testing. One of the main problems is, if the car does not have a good factory fill of the intercooler circuit and bleed, you can have issues with poor performance and you will NOT
get a message. Overheating the engine coolant to 260+ will give you a overheat message and limp mode. Therefore, you need to verify that you intercooler reservoir has a minimal bubble in it. It is impossible to bleed the intercooler circuit without a strong vacuum. But even then you will be left with a small bubble. The Cooler Bleeder eliminates this problem and utilizes an A/C vacuum pump to pull a really strong vacuum."   - Mike
" It is a VERY well made product that did a great job in removing a lot of trapped air from my system. I ended up adding about 1-1/2 quarts of additional coolant to make up for the trapped air that was removed."   - Mark
"You do not need to raise the front of the car at all with the cooler bleeder. The way it cycles the coolant pump on and off with vacuum on the system it forces the air to be removed into the bleeders chamber. I also just used the cooler bleeder on my car and agree, it works fantastically."   - Quintin
"I received my Cooler Bleeder this week from Jared and so I was eager to give a whirl and test it out this weekend on my MY16 Z06. All of the parts that go into Jared's kit are top-notch and it worked extremely well. GM and Kent-Moore don't have anything on Jared's
patent-pending product! Most dealers cannot even replicate these results let alone be able to do it in the fraction of the time that Jared's tool can. Once I had it all setup and I turned everything on, I don't think I even let it run 10 minutes.I previously tried bleeding with my coolant evacuation tool and the G2 bleeder kit and all I did was make a mess and waste my time. With the Cooler Bleeder, follow the instructions and watch his video, and you'll spend more time setting everything up and breaking it down than you will with his tool actually running and performing its magic. Very impressive and I would highly recommend it."  - Ryan
"I just installed a Magnuson 2300 on my Z06 so I had plenty of air in the system. I hooked up the Cooler Bleeder and let it do its thing. After about 15 minutes all of the air was purged.  It is a great tool and is really easy to set up and operate.   - Mark
"I recently got my hands on the Cooler Bleeder. Very nice unit. Very easy to hook up and works great. I had just installed a CPR heat exchanger about a week prior so I know I had more air in the system than when it left the factory. And we know there is typically more air in them at that time than what we want. No jacking of the vehicle needed. Simply hook the unit up, which isn't very difficult, and turn it on. Within about 15 minutes I was only getting minimal air out. Now I am down to the 2 quarter size bubbles on top of the reservoir. Highly recommend getting yourself one or find someone close by to get the air out of your system."   - Buddy
"I purchased one of the first batch cooler bleeders and used it on my 2019 zr1 today. My car is heavily modified (by me) but the heat exchanger system has never been open because I was always worried about the bleeding procedure. I used the cooler bleeder today to see how it worked and to see how the factory did in regards to the original fill. The tool works very well and is simple to use. Directions are thorough and clear. The video on youtube is just as good. The zr1 uses two separate pumps and heat exchangers to they have to be done independently. I found that I had more air on the passenger side than I did the driver side. While mine appeared to have been bleed ok from the factory and I've never had an issue the tool still pulled out some large air pockets. I purchased this tool because I build a lot of c7 z06's and this seems to be a great solution for them. I look forward to testing it on them and will update the results. I will be using the tool through the cpr cap adapter being made for me as all of the cars I've build use those tanks. Thank you Jared for creating a solution!"   - Matt
"My car feels like it has more than 100HP and 150lb-ft of additional torque. This is probably because the timing is not being pulled. High IAT temps result in pulled timing and don’t set a code. With a properly bled CAC it works. Too bad GM did such a (poor) design.  I’m just thankful you built the set up and did the controller and fittings. It really is a professional quality tool and produces great results. It’s really easy to use.  Thanks again!"   - Mike
"Wow does this thing work.  I did not expect to find any air in my C7 ZR1 and boy was I ever shocked what I saw....I did driver side first and got a lot of air. Now doing passenger side very little. I understand they are connected and that’s (the) way.  Thanks for building this awesome tool."  -Bob